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Welcome to Alec's Antiques and Vintage

Contact me at: or 703-623-0886

We are proud to announce that we have moved into a booth at
Iron Horse Antiques in Manassas, Virginia.
Most of the items on the website are currently located for sale there.
For more information, visit our Iron Horse Antiques Booth Page.

I do my best to offer you great antique, vintage, quality used furniture, at an excellent value. I keep my overhead at a minimum, allowing me to pass those savings on to my clients.

  I recently secured space in the Iron Horse Antique mall in Manassas. Photo of my booth and what is for sale are available here:
Iron Horse Booth.

The items available at the booth will change, so feel free to give me a call if you saw an item you liked, and wonder if it was sold, or just replaced in the booth.

For directions and info to Iron Horse, visit their website at: Iron Horse Antiques.

In attending many estate sales, auctions, and antique shows, I come across just about everything. Let me know what you are looking for,
and I will keep an eye out for that special item, and get you the best possible price.

What is Antique vs. Vintage?

An accepted definition of an antique is a piece that is is at least 100 years old. But a lot of people, like myself, think of an an antique as something hand-crafted before the days of mass production and machines.

So when I say something is "antique," it's at least 100 years old and shows some hand-craftsmanship such as hand-cut dovetails, or hand-blown glass.

Vintage is an item of considerable age and quality, but is not reached the age of 100. Many things sold as "antique" today is really vintage.

Cool, Quality Used Furniture

Many antique vendors do not deal in anything that's not antique or vintage, which is okay. But I love finding great, high quality pieces that are both beautiful and practical, and offering them at a great deal, many under $100. Check out the $100 or Less Great Finds to see what values are available today.

Contact me at:
or 703-623-0886


Mahogany Tilt-Top Table

29" in diameter
Top has been refinished, and base is
secured to top.


Available at Iron Horse Antiques Booth #1

Maple Secretary with Bookshelf

Some bird's eye maple on front door.

Available at Iron Horse Antiques Booth #1

Maple Kitchen Hutch

48" Wide, 74" tall, 17.5" deep

Available at Iron Horse Antiques Booth #1